Our Machinery


Mazak U44


Amada 80 ton multi-axis CNC press brake


Hydraulic NC tube benders

Our Mazak Space Gear U44 laser provides unusual flexibility in addressing challenging requirements. In addition to 2D sheet and plate fabrication, we can address more complex 3D part fabrication, including tube profiling.

2-D fabrication of sheets and plates can be done using steel, aluminum and stainless.

3-D mode brings into play Mazak’s compact cutting head with 360º A-axis and 135º B-axis CNC rotary motions to quickly cut, pierce, and trim sculptured parts.

Edge Technology features:

  • Amada 80 ton multi-axis CNC press brake
  • Hydraulic NC tube benders for mandrel and ring rolling
  • Cosmetic and high pressure vessel welding including stainless and aluminum
  • General machining capability
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